Limit Them- Boundaries and Routines

Boundaries for Babies? Yes! Babies like a predictable world and for a good reason. Every day is packed with learning and excitement and routines provide relief from the chaos. If you spend your entire work day mastering a new task, you appreciate your regular coffee break. Sticking to a familiar pattern soothes babies and children […]

The Impact and Hope Brought To Us by Recently Confirmed Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney-Barrett

Amy Coney Barret’s Pro-Life Values Justice ACB has not worked on abortion related cases much during her career, but it is no secret that she values life from the very beginning. In a couple related cases where a lower court ruled to block Indiana laws imposing limits on abortion, Barret t voted to hear arguments […]

Changes Can Bring Options

When thinking about volunteering…I began to think about all of this change around us and the options we all have. It’s that time again, when we set our clocks back one hour, and get one more hour of sleep for that one night in the process.  As a result, we also lose an hour of […]

Obria Medical Clinic

At Obria Medical Clinics, we see women and men in many different seasons of life. Many times, our clients are in a crisis situation in which they never expected to be in. They are dealing with an unplanned pregnancy or a newly discovered sexually transmitted disease. Sometimes they feel fear, horror, and hopelessness. They are […]